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Antique Ida ou nadif berber earrings - Silver and niello earrings - Berber jewelry


Antique tribal earrings in niello silver and embedded glasses.

This specific model is typical of the Berber tribe "Ida ou nadif" coming from the central area of the Antiatlas, a part of the Atlas Mountains in the northwest of Africa.
The Ida ou nadif have designed this specific type of crescent moon earrings.

These earrings are decorated with niello and two glasses each, set in the middle of the crescent and on the outer sides. On the external sides there are three hanging pendants, two of which are decorated with niello on the front side.

Collectible piece.

Provenience: Morocco.

Period: late 19th - early 20th century.

Dim. (h): 3.54 inch.
Dim. Full diameter: 3.14 inch.

Weight: 0.72 OZ each.


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