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Antique Tibetan silver bridle with turquoise


Historical introduction:

The saddles founded in Tibet are a mixture of Mongol, Chinese and Tibetan types and styles.
The outstanding components of a Tibetan saddle are the metal plates that cover the outside of the pommel, cantle, and end-boards.
Although these plates reinforce the saddletree, they function chiefly as a very visible and often very elaborate form of ornament, and as clear indicators of the rank, status, and importance of the rider. They can be made of copper alloy or silver, or done in pierced and chiseled iron, usally damascened in gold and silver, and consitude some of the best examples of Tibetan and Sino - Tibetan metalwork of any kind.
When attached to decorated saddles, the breast strap and the cruppe often have pierced metal fittings, which can be equally as elaborate as those saddle itself.

The same is true for bridles (srab).


This antique silver bridle consists of 3 braided chains ending in a central circular element containing a dorjie, decorated with beautiful antique turquoise. Other 18 small turquoise are embedded in the beginning and end of all the 3 silver chains.

Period: 19th century.

Dim. Length: 9.84 inch.
Dim. Diameter of the circular element: 1.49 inch.

Weight: 132 grams.


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